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Engine paint?

  • 18 Feb 2012 7:00 AM
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    Deleted user


    I have a set of CB750 cases that I need to re paint. Obviously the paint needs to be silver & heat resistant but can anybody offer advice as to which brand & shade I should go for?

    I'd like to get the casings back to as near to original as possible without having to test out loads of different paints.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks .

    greg Dawson

  • 19 Feb 2012 1:59 AM
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    For Japanese engine cases I use automotive silver gray metallic body paint with the right shade. It does not need to be high temp cases don't get that hot. Aluminum paint is too bright, find a car that matches the original cases and buy that paint.
  • 02 Mar 2012 3:25 PM
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    Dupli.color engine enamel CDE 1650 Cast Aluminum from Canadian Tire is an exact match to the GL1000 engine case.
  • 03 Mar 2012 8:56 AM
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    Deleted user

    Hey guys.

    Thanks for the info & making my life easier.

    Regards Greg.


  • 03 Mar 2012 1:54 PM
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    Deleted user
    I would take bits to a good powder coatrer... They have some fantastic finishes tell buddy you want a light coat and dont forget to protect the gasket surfaces a good coater could advise on how to do this. Some folks think powder is evil, cant think of good reason that it would be a bad idea in this case.
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