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Our objective is to collect $500 through donations from CVMG members and the public at large, to immortalize Derek Browne's contribution to the Canadian motorcycling scene.

As the donations achieved our goal on the first day, surpassing all our expectations, the National Executive proposed that we keep the donation page open and additional funds will be added to the CVMG Educational Initiative, which supports new motorcycle mechanics as Derek would have been a proud donor to that cause.

It is with heavy heart that I share the passing of my friend and long time CVMG member, Derek Browne. Derek’s history in the world of Canadian Motorcycling goes back to his early teens when he would tell you he learned to ride fast by taking the corners at speed, only to slow down until he stopped coming off in those curves!

Derek belonged to so many clubs and organizations and joined the CVMG in the early years. A long time member of the Old Fort York section, he is remembered as a “colourful guy” and a “bit of a character and loved trading parts”. He always had stories to tell and was so knowledgeable in so many facets of motorcycling. His interest was extensive and included sidecars, trials, racers, motocross, hare scrambles, hill climbing, ice racing and a passion for vintage machines. Derek never questioned what you rode but was always excited to talk with you because you rode.

Derek co-owned a shop in the east end of Toronto, owned Brown’s Cycle on Bloor Street in Toronto and later Toffee Motors in Mimico. Many a rider in the Toronto area got a start on one of Derek’s bikes. He didn’t just sell them he loved them and made sure his customers got what was the right machine for their type of riding. His interest in safe motorcycling started early – LOL, maybe it was that falling off those corners that got him hooked on safety!

Early in his career, Derek represented Canada in 1966 at the International Six day event; he has raced with the likes of Mike Duff, was an active trials rider and actively supported the Corduroy Enduro in Ontario as well as many CVMG trials and was always present at our National Rallies.

Ever trying to improve the performance of his machines, Derek talked Lang Hindle into producing some “Hindle racing pipes” for his Goldwing and was often spotted at the Sport Bike Rally in Parry Sound, riding that wing. I recall he won both the “Smoking Toe” award for riding the wing like a dirt bike and for the “Old Geezer” award for “smoking” past some sport bike riders on a twisty road!

For those who knew Derek, I’m sure you have a story to tell, for those who didn’t – well you sure missed out on an amazing ambassador for the CVMG.

RIP Derek

We would appreciate it if those who made a donation would visit the "Last Rides" forum on this website and leave a few words or a story, which we will be summarizing when we write up the Roll of Honour message.

Betty Anne Clark

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1966 – doing what Derek loved, riding in the mud!

Derek Browne

Derek's shop, Derek and the other two passengers on the trip to Daytona.

Goal: $2,500.00
Collected: $960.00

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