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For more information about the GPR Section of the CVMG, please email any of the following:


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Nancy Melcher

No stranger to GPR Executive, Nancy Melcher has been a member of GPR since 2009. In her new role as President, she hopes to see more members attending regular meetings. “I don’t enjoy listening to the details of ‘business' and would prefer most meetings to be a social time for members".

Vice President

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Brock Hansler

Growing up on the Danforth, I started riding in 1967 (Yamaha YA-6) and kept at it. A varied work history (printer, elevator mechanic, custom painter, software guy, more) kept me busy while raising two kids with my lovely wife. A first move when I retired a while back was to build a bigger garage at our home in Maple and fill it with tools and bikes. You can usually find me there.


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Jason Hart

Besides my passion for riding and motorcycles, I’m continually taking on new projects. A skeptic, prefer to do my own research with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and the propensity to share with friends whether they want to hear it or not.


Mark Melcher
It all started in 1973 - one day I decided I wanted a motorcycle, so my neighbour taught me to ride on an H1 Kawasaki.  I was pretty sure motorcycles weren't supposed to be that scary.  Just to make sure I've owned a number of them - Kawasaki, BMW, Norton and Yamaha.



Andrew Harris

Motorcycle license since 1973. Have owned the same Velocette since 1974 but a 2004 650 V-Strom is the regular ride. When not on two wheels may be found boiling water at the South Simcoe Railway in Tottenham.

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