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Old Fort York Section

Welcome! We are the Old Fort York (OFY) section, the largest urban-based section of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group.  

We are motorcyclists!   An enthusiastic group of men and women whose interest is vintage and modern motorcycles.   

Collectively we own well over 300 newish and old bikes, of all ages, sizes and from every motorcycle manufacturing country.  

We ride, race, tour, wrench, renovate, fabricate, customize, restore, buy, sell, collect, write, read, talk, celebrate and dream - motorcycles.

General Monthly Meeting

Our general club meeting occurs on the first Wednesday each month. Our meetings are usually held at The Artful Dodger Pub just off Yonge near Bloor at #10 Isabella St. at 7 pm.  It's a cozy pub with plenty of regulars and no silly affectations. The owner has given us our own space upstairs with our own server and even a pool table.   All are welcome, especially those that like or ride older bikes.   Parking on the street or in the P parking lot across the street.  And during the summer months our meetings are ride-up backyard barbeques hosted by members at member homes. 

*Note:  Since COVID-19  our monthly meeting occurs "virtually" using Zoom.


The OFY members love to ride! One member or another will make it known where and/or when. You can join along anytime or anywhere along the ride or even just for lunch! You'll see a mix of vintage, classic, modern and not-so-vintage motorcycles on any ride we organize. And you're guaranteed to ride alongside a motorcycle model that you'd never likely see running - in action!  Additionally, each season we have club rides which involve a full weekend with an overnight stay or two.

It's always fun!

*Note:  Since COVID-19 our rides have adapted to include safe protocols for social -distancing and safe practices.

Breakfast Meetups

Join us for breakfast! Our OFY members, enjoy meeting up for breakfast every Sunday at the famous High Park, Grenadier Cafe. And after breakfast those who want to gather together for a ride. 

*Note: Since COVID-19 these meetups have been paused. However, when restrictions open up we meet at the outdoor patio. 

Our Annual Lucas Push

The OFY club is famous for our popular, and often referred to as "crazy" Lucas Push"!   

The Lucas Push or officially, the "Joseph Lucas Memorial Push" occurs in February in downtown Toronto. The idea was the brainchild of the late OFY member, Harry Roberts – a true motorcycle enthusiast and all around great guy.  His idea was as a remedy to the cabin fever suffered by bikers during the coldest and most depressing month of the year February. He thought why not have a social event and poke some fun at Joseph Lucas?  Lucas was the owner of Lucas Electric, the company which supplied parts for the somewhat troublesome electrical systems of British motorcycles, which were then known jokingly as “The Prince of Darkness”. 

The "Push" bike for the event is trailered to a "starting pub", and parked outside. After much merriment, food and libations inside the pub, the group gathers on the sidewalk to push the bike to the next destination. Pushing a broken down motorcycle through Toronto's downtown core,  in the dead of winter. 

Beer & Wings

The OFY members also meet one a month for Beer & Wings. Naturally those riding avoid the "beer" part. This is also another way our club meetup  in the off season and keep in touch. Location announced via: email mailing our Google online forum or our Facebook group.

*Note: Since COVID-19 these meetups have been paused. However, when safe, this activity will resume.

Connect With Us & Join Us!

As an OFY member you'll be able to share via our Facebook Group. (Private Members only group)

Join us via our public Old Fort York Facebook page - like us and connect! We'd love to hear from you and of course, welcome you as an official member!

How To Join Old Fort York

Become a member of the CVMG and select the "Old Fort York" section. 

We look forward to welcoming  you!

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

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