Rally Site

If you registered for the Rally, you can camp on the fairgrounds Friday and Saturday night. There is plenty of room for both tents and RVs, although there are no RV hookups available.  There are a very few places on the Rally site where electricity is available.  To inquire about availability, please email  Bathrooms and a few showers are on site. In addition, there are food vendors onsite and you are not far from restaurants and food shopping in Paris.

For those arriving in the area before the Rally starts, there are several accommodation options:


The Grand River Conservation Authority offers camping at several public parks.  Click here for further information.

Click here for a list of other nearby camping opportunities

Hotels, Inns and B&B's

in Paris and surrounding area: click here to see Tripadvisor's accommodation availability for the Rally weekend


General Information

Click here to see information about the town of Paris

Restaurants and Attractions

Click here to see a choice of restaurants and attractions in the Paris area.

Flat track Racing

Paris Speedway features flat track motorcycle racing every Friday night.  The track is located on the Fairgrounds, so come for the Rally and see the racing!

Click here for a sample of flat track racing.

Click here to see Flat Track Canada's racing schedule

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