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68' BSA 441 Shooting Star

  • 29 Aug 2009 7:32 AM
    Message # 212595
    Deleted user
    Engine# is stamped B44B408  Y  1968 . Frame is stamped C25262 . From my research the C25 series frame was used for one year for the 1967 Barracuda , exported to North America. It looks Identical to my SS in tank , side panels, and paint , but was a 249cc bore . The excess frames were used for the early '68 441's shipped to North America . My bike is unrestored and in good running condition ( 11,600 miles ) . I had it appraised by a certified Vintage bike specialist and it was rated original 3+ out of 5. Any comments on my posting is appreciated . Thanks , Oldbeezer.

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