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Photo Albums can now be created on this website

  • 26 Oct 2009 12:54 AM
    Message # 235412

    We can now add photo albums to the site, and these can be seen by the general public (if we wish). You could create an album "Bikes for Sale" or "Ride to Timbuktu". I created an album with two photos, but will be adding more shortly.

    Just wanted to let members know that this is possible. To add photos you need to edit your phofile and "create album", then upload photos to the album, We haven't put a limit on the number of photos or albums.

    You can edit your phofile so only members can see your photo albums (or just yourself -  but there isn't much point to that unless you don't want anyone to see your "work in progress" album.

  • 26 Oct 2009 12:47 PM
    Reply # 235638 on 235412
    Deleted user
    This is cool, I created an album but where do I find a list of Albums to view?
  • 26 Oct 2009 5:42 PM
    Reply # 235799 on 235638
    Rick Essegern wrote:This is cool, I created an album but where do I find a list of Albums to view?

    Rick, I don't think there is currently a fast way to find all the members who have photo albums enabled, but I'll put in a request to Wild Apricot for an "advanced search" capability that will give us this. In the mean time just click on the members name and see if they have an album. So far it is just you and I, but yesterday was the first day that I tried it.

    Some notes - there is a maximum of 50 photos per album, but no limit on the number of albums. It is necessary to load a maximum of five photos at at time. The photos should be sorted on the home computer before uploading as you cannot change the order when they are on the site (except for cover photo)...... Patrick

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