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T25 Blazer

  • 10 Jun 2010 8:27 AM
    Message # 356803
    Deleted user
    I'm working on a 1971 T25 Blazer SS.
    One of the oil outlets located on the bottom of the engine was not in good condition and needs replacement.  Locating the part new has not been fruitful.  (Mike at Walridge found a 3/8" in version of the part, but this is a 1/4" diameter part).
    Was looking to find another source for this part, or someone with tools and talent to fabricate it.  (I have neither)
    Details:  From the T25 BMS parts manual it is called an Oil Feed Pipe (E12658).  It is a 1/4" pipe about 4 inches long, bent 90 degrees in the middle, with one of the ends threaded, and a nut on the threaded part to tighten the assembly down once the threaded end of the pipe was turned into the hole in the engine.  (oil line is attached to the other end and goes to the oil-in-frame pipe at the bottom of the front down tube.)
    Thanks very much

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