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1940 Chief with Sidecar

  • 26 Jan 2017 11:55 PM
    Message # 4571063
    Just wanted to say hi, as I just saw the article in the magazine about this section on sidecars.  I now have it selected to follow the conversations:

    With my 1940 340 chief came a sidecar, I have been working for the last two years restoring the Indian, its complete except for the paintwork on the tin, I should have that done in 2 months.  The sidecar was mint, I have included a message I sent to the person I bought the rig from as to some of the history I discovered.  Thought it might or might be interesting.

    "I called the fellow in Winnipeg a week ago, he said he and Cam were not childhood friends; mind you he is 65 now.  grin.  He took a minute to remember the bike, and then he went on about it.  He is a actually a 3 time winner of some motorcycle land speed record, just sold his motorcycle shop last year, bought a ranch and is riding bikes and horses.  He remembers the Indian, he remembers taking his children down the hwy on it and cruising at 80 miles an hour with the sidecar attached (no problem he says), says that sidecar rig really runs nice together.  he also mentioned the guy he bought the bike from had bought the sidecar "new" from an Indian motorcycle dealer, still in the crate.  That explains why it's in nice not rusted condition, he said the guy bought it and the upholstery was rotted from time, (it had been in storage for decades), but that was replaced.  He did not have much more to tell me as he says he was ~24 when he sold it to Cam.  WOW  does time fly's eh."

    There you have it, not much but kind of interesting how the sidecar was obtained.

    BTW, if anyone has a line on the 3 clevis's that connect the rig to the bike I am in need of these, for some reason I did not get them when I purchased the bike as the car was detached at the time and I just realised the missing parts the other day as I am getting ready to connect the two.


  • 27 Jan 2017 4:36 AM
    Reply # 4571257 on 4571063
    Hi Bob,

    Interesting story. I suggest you contact Don Doody. He's in the roster.

    Good luck....Doug

    Last modified: 27 Jan 2017 4:37 AM | Doug

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