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sleepy forum -

  • 04 Feb 2017 7:24 PM
    Message # 4591682
    Deleted user

    Sort of hit in miss in the sidecar forum innit ? 

    ok - here are some obvious ones to get things going ;

     what have you done to your sidecar today ? 

    I've just about finished a rebuild on the R100 - adjust a point - refit tank and clutch cable, prime the oil filter and get her going ! this will be the first winter i didnt ride straight through - time just didnt permit this year to get the refit completed 

    what was your most recent great sidecar ride ? 

      the great wall of china outside of Beijing in my case - truly breathtaking scenery on              a made for motorcycles road ! 

    come on now !  someone has to have something to say ! 


  • 05 Feb 2017 7:02 AM
    Reply # 4592162 on 4591682

    Ya i just looked outside... There's a blizzard out there! I should buy a Ural.

    I plan to beef up my strut and mounts. Where do you suggest i get the hardware? Can anybody recommend a source?....Doug

  • 05 Feb 2017 6:14 PM
    Reply # 4592897 on 4591682

    Yup. It is winter out there. Still.

     There has been an attempt to get further interest in the sidecar forum by getting a sidecar column going in the CVMG News. There has to be at least two dozen people in the CVMG who pilot outfits. If each one wrote an article of interest  once every two years, we could have quite an interesting column. Once every two years would not require much diversion from busy lives and everyone would be entertained. Maybe more interest created. I did mine and it was in this months edition. there are still a couple of days for someone else to step up for next month. Come on guys. I never knew a motorcyclist who didn't have at least one good story to tell!

  • 06 Feb 2017 5:27 AM
    Reply # 4593672 on 4591682

    Yes indeed. My only problem is digging out pics. I'll find the one and write a something shortly.

  • 06 Feb 2017 1:03 PM
    Reply # 4594262 on 4591682

    I can look at re-packaging one of the articles off my own web site about my Nimbus combination after I get my current project out of the way.

  • 06 Feb 2017 1:40 PM
    Reply # 4594324 on 4591682
    Deleted user

    Sidecar struts 

    Hi Doug - I use for just about everything on my rig - 

    Ben - the Aussie who runs it is great to deal with - be patient though - the prices are great but the shipping is sloooow. 

    but i've also considered but have never used them - 

    let us know how you do 


  • 06 Feb 2017 2:26 PM
    Reply # 4594420 on 4591682
    Deleted user

    in the process of hooking my sidecar back up to the bike, I have found I did not acquire a couple clevises with my rig so am on the hunt for those.  The car has been stored at the ceiling in my garage until now, I don't plan to paint it to match the bike until next winter as summer should be growing near!!  grin  (I wish pictures were easier to upload in this forum)  Bob

  • 07 Feb 2017 6:41 AM
    Reply # 4595695 on 4591682

    Last summer we broke an upper shock mounted lug..i replaced it with a frame lug from Motorvation California. Awesome quality and has proved itself already. I hoped to find something locally though and spend less. Thanks for the replies.

    Can the forum administrator move posts that are relevant to this topic and group them under Sidecar Hardware or other heading as appropriate?


  • 24 Jun 2017 11:19 AM
    Reply # 4915728 on 4591682

    yes it is a very small nitch section. T tend to leave it longer each time I visit and nothing has changed. there may be more reaction to help stuff "how do you get the doodad up inside the thingamy when the access hole is only half the size of my pinky"? Paul.

  • 25 Jun 2017 10:14 AM
    Reply # 4916671 on 4591682

    Looking after section business, writing a monthly report for the newsletter, sending in a few articles for the newsletter that never seem to get used and trying to find time to work on my own stuff and maybe get to ride once in a while and do the work that needs to be done for home on a regular basis uses up available time. So writing something for the forum that doesn't seem to get much attention  is not a priority. My email lets me know when someone writes something. It would be great if there was more interest.

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

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