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Need some assistance in Oshawa?

  • 31 May 2017 4:44 PM
    Message # 4873088

    My nephew lives in Oshawa area and he has an older wing and Velorex combination that Porckchop did many years ago. He is having an alignment issue and as i am in Sudbury I was wondering if any CVMG members are in the area and would offer some guidance for him. He reached out to me and will send pictures when he can. I think it is an easy fix but because of the distance and the fact that his wofe and or son ride the hack i want to make sure he gets the right assistance. Thanks

    Got my V strom and Velorex out this year running like a top and riding very smoothe. I did have an issue with the seat on the V Strom being to deeply sculpted for my old butt and went to my local Standard Auto Glass or whatever they are now called and had them re pad the seat it was the best 80 bucks i have invested in a long time. Far beats the options of a new custom seat. 

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