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Sidecar Pilot's Song

  • 15 Dec 2018 11:30 AM
    Message # 6960939

    Due to all the latest "Politically correct" stupidity, I have been humming a catchy old song. Thinking about winter riding and a recent email chat with our new news editor, Shona, I started altering the words in the song to suit my own interests. Then I thought perhaps some of you out there might come up with a verse to add to it. So here is my first verse.                    Say, Baby! It's Snowing Outside! 

                                Would You Like To Go For A Ride?

                               I Have a Great Chair On The Side,

  • 15 Dec 2018 11:35 AM
    Reply # 6960940 on 6960939

    Say Baby! It's Snowing Outside!  Would You Like To Go For A Ride?  I Have A Great Chair On The Side,  Just Waiting For You!

  • 16 Dec 2018 8:23 AM
    Reply # 6961679 on 6960939

    Hello Thane, never ever give up. Paul.

  • 16 Dec 2018 9:13 AM
    Reply # 6961703 on 6960939

    Hi Paul,  somewhere, I saw a caption on a sidecar photo that said "Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional." The choice is ours. I'm not interested in surrendering. Show us your "Poetic" abilities.




  • 17 Dec 2018 8:09 AM
    Reply # 6962486 on 6960939

    one thing I never did well. my choice though would be "faster than fairies" from a railway carriage, I think by Longfellow. memories of trips in the steam trains, sometimes coming home with a darker skin color from hanging the head out the window. 

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