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My "Faux Beemer"

  • 18 Feb 2013 2:34 PM
    Message # 1211649
    Deleted user

    While I am a newbie to the Vintage Motorcycle Group I am relatively seasoned with respect to the idiosyncrocies of the CJ750 and sidecar motoring. Now all I have to do is sit and impatiently wait for required maintenance parts that I have recently ordered from my supplier in Shanghi in order to keep "Blondie" roadworthy. She was found in a garage in Owen Sound Ontario and was in need of a lot of TLC. I trailered her to my home in Windsor Ontario and dreamed of cruising around the city. From the picture the bike looks in pretty good shape. However we know there are always "warts" when one takes a closer look, and so the trouble shooting and research began. I have for years, wanted a BMW R75....however raising a family always takes priority. R75's or Zundaps are not that easy to aquire and so I decided I would make a "faux" Beemer. An ardent military history nut I decided to try and represent a bike from the Afrikakorps.

    Now all I have to do is figure out how to add pics to this thread!!!!!









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