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national executive

national executive meetings

The National Executive (NE) meets every second month by teleconference.  Members are encouraged to attend.  Click the button below to see information on the next meeting.

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voting members


 President  Chris Ness
 Vice President
 John Tankard
 Correspondence Secretary
 Beverley Klestorny
 Membership Secretary
 Janet Ness
 Treasurer Deborah Hickey
 Newsletter Editor
 Shona LaFortune
 Director Andy Clark
 Director Brock Hansler
 Regalia Sales
 Kevin Grubb

non-voting members


 Past President
 National Rally Chair  April Temple Spears  
 Competition Chair  Neville Miller  
 Chief Judge  Brock Hansler  
 Website Administrator  Daniel Klestorny

chris ness, barrie-huronia

Growing up on a large dairy farm, there wasn’t much time for anything else but milking cows, driving tractors and shovelling manure. That all changed following the summer of ’69 when Chris went away to University and promptly found a used 100cc Yamaha Twin-Jet. Freedom was at hand.

Since then a variety of two-wheelers have come and gone (some have stayed…) and at this point he cannot imagine life without motorcycles. Yes, riding is a big part of the passion, but he’s sure you’ll agree, it runs much deeper than that.

The first “restoration project” found him in 1980. A few years later he discovered the CVMG and the membership privileges it offers. What a fabulous fraternity of which to be a part. As a volunteer he has learned that the more you put in, the more you get out. That in itself is a wonderful thing.

The road ahead will offer peaks and valleys, twists and turns, smooth and bumpy surfaces. He looks forward to continued work with those members already in his life and those yet to be discovered along that road.

vice president 
john tankard

John has been a CVMG member since 1995.  During this time John has previously assumed roles as Regalia Sales Coordinator and in most recent years as a member of the Paris Rally Committee. John and his wife, Lilian, live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where their two children, their spouses and 3 grandchildren also live.  John’s love for riding motorcycles came to an abrupt end in 2012 when his vision was compromised but that same love is the drive keeping him involved with CVMG.

correspondence secretary

Beverley Klestorny, niagara peninsula

After many years of riding two-up with Daniel, I started out riding my own bike up north at our cottage approx. 30 years ago but for some reason had trouble staying upright on sandy curves. I soon decided to give it up and kept riding two-up on the back of Daniel’s bike where I have always been very happy looking around.

Back in February 2022 I learned that the NE was looking for someone to replace Bill Hoar who wanted to retire, and put my name in the (empty) hat, to at least cover the position until elections in 2023. Volunteering for a job makes one feel very good for being able to help out. I wish more members would realize how gratifying it is.

membership secretary

Janet Ness, Barrie-Huronia

Members of the CVMG come from all walks of life and bring to the group a variety of experiences, talents and skills. The common denominator being interest and enthusiasm of and around vintage motorcycles.
Individually we participate in a way that moves us. I think it’s safe to say that for regular members that’s riding, racing or collecting.

Many associate members like myself love the fringe benefits of having seasonal opportunities to get together at rallies and racetracks to share good times with good friends.
Over the years I have spent countless hours teaching children in school and directing both youth and adults in community theatre. This year has turned over a bit of a new leaf for me. With my retirement from teaching and the impossibility to create theatrical performances at this time I am left, thankfully, with my connection to the CVMG.

So here I am to help in the best way I know how.

Eager to contribute my time and experience I look forward to my new found involvement as Membership Secretary. I will renew your memberships, (and take your money), and keep your file up to date!

I am confident I will also work well with the current National Executive to make cooperative decisions that favour the well-being and interests of the CVMG and its members.

Nice to meet all of you!


deborah hickey, nipissing

My first experience riding was on the back of a 1967 BSA Lightning when I was fifteen.  I was content and enjoyed riding on the back with Michael in control.  We took a break from riding while our children were small but once our youngest was about eight Michael got the urge to get another bike.  Problem was I didn’t want to sit on the back any more so for my 45th birthday/Mother’s Day I attended a woman’s only motorcycle course through Canadore College in North Bay.  My first solo bike was a Suzuki Intruder (can’t remember the year) which was okay because at least my feet could touch the ground.  Being vertically challenged proved to be a problem finding a bike that “felt right”.  Finally we found my baby in Mississauga, a 1983 Suzuki GS750ES and we fit perfectly together.

Unfortunately, now due to issues with my vision, I am now relegated to the back of the bike I am still very much involved with my home group, Nipissing Section, as Secretary/Treasurer and now as Treasurer with the NE.  It is great coming together in one place with so many, we all come from different places and have different bikes, but we all have a common interest in preserving the beauty of older bikes and their history.

newsletter editor

shona lafortune

Unlike many people in this organization, I was not carried around in a sidecar as a baby, or riding when I was two.   I barely learned to ride a bicycle in my teens . . . Then a friend’s influence combined with some sort of mid-life crisis had me taking riding lessons at age 50-something. My first motorcycle (and I still have her) was a 1979 185cc Honda Twinstar, the little bike that I rode to Mexico … I bought a 50 cc scooter and commuted 40 km/day for two years, missing only a few days when the snow was too heavy (ice was no problem!), and took some BCIT courses to learn more about maintaining the several bikes I had suddenly acquired. Now that I live in Lillooet, I love that I can be on amazing roads within minutes of leaving the house.  I ride to the metro Vancouver area frequently, another lovely trip through the Fraser Canyon. I’ve been on motorcycle trips in Canada, the USA, UK and Europe, riding or pillion.  I have a few projects on the go and lots of unrelated hobbies and interests besides, including spinning, yarn crafts, photography, CGI and gardening. Never a dull moment.


Andy Clark, Niagara peninsula

A near life-ending motorcycle accident ended my career in 2003 when I was hit head-on by a car going 20km/h, I was going 80km/h. At that point I had enjoyed seventeen years working in engineering as a Senior Designer. Seventeen years later, I believe that most of my skill set is still intact, and I‘ve had nearly 100% recovery from my injuries. I have a great deal of experience working with people in a professional environment including project coordination, troubleshooting design problems, and teaching advanced Computer Aided Design. I’ve done my best to bring the professionalism and respect that I experienced in the world of engineering to everyone I meet, and I only hope the same is reflected.

My time with the CVMG began in the late spring of 2009. I went to a local place for breakfast one Sunday morning. There was a bunch of older bikes lined up beside the patio, and a group of about a dozen seated together; this was their Sunday breakfast hangout. I think one or two people were familiar and I was invited to sit with them. This was the regular Sunday breakfast meeting for the local CVMG Section. It wasn’t long before someone suggested that I join the CVMG. My daily ride was a 1977 BMW, and I’ve always owned older bikes, so I figured I’d fit with this bunch of good folks.

I joined the CVMG, started going to meetings, attended and helped with events and shows, and got to know more and more of the members.

Some years went by, elections were held, I took on Secretary duties for a few years. Election time came again, this time I was nominated for Presidency. I wasn’t sure about that, but I accepted. Three years later I’m still President of the Niagara Peninsula Section. I must be doing something right!

I’m involved with several other riding clubs and associations and have promoted the CVMG to many other people. I have had some success in either attracting new members or seeing former members return. Besides membership, associating with a long established National organization, and a great bunch of people, I also mention the vast variety of talent to be found among the members.


brock hansler, Great pine ridge

Brock Hansler has been around since 1951, confirming his place in the “vintage community”.  Growing up on 'The Danforth', he began riding at the age of 15 and has been collecting and riding motorcycles ever since. His favourites include the Bultaco Metralla Mk2, BSA Rocket III and BMW RT 1100. Proudly graduating from Danforth Tech, he has been employed in printing, the courts, a trade (elevator service), custom painting, service management, software design, and business weasel. Today his hobbies are motorcycle restoration, photography, cabinetry, and of course, riding (over 330K on his RT now).

regalia sales 

Kevin grubb, ganaraska

Greetings CVMG members and associates! Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Kevin Grubb, and I am pleased and honoured to serve on the National Executive as Regalia co-ordinator. I look forward to this opportunity to serve the Board and you, the membership.

A bit about myself; my wife Karen and I have lived in Peterborough, ON, since 2015. We relocated here from Maryland in the United States where I was a member of the AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) for many years. While living in the US I was also an active member of AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association). I have been riding and racing for fifty years. I have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a wide range of motorcycling activities in that time, ranging from blasting around the neighborhood on a 1972 Kawasaki 100 to enduro racing on a 1974 Kawasaki 500. Tastes change as we progress on our life’s path, cruising on a 1986 Harley (bought new and still in the stable) led to tens of thousands of touring miles on Electra Glides and BMWs, riding to work on BMW oil heads, now a K1600. Over the years my interest in vintage machines has become, well, forgive me Karen, a bit of a passion. Many of you may know me from my racing with Team Rudge at MOSPORT on my 1935 Rudge Ulster. Or, perhaps you have seen me puttering about at the Paris Fairground on my 1913 Rudge Multi. Anticipating each summer weekend and the opportunity to ride my 1938 Rudge Special with our President, Chris Ness, or the ‘Toymaker’, Ingo Reters, on their vintage Rudges, or to idle along on my 1971 BMW airhead with Karen tucked in behind on her Vespa, it’s hard to beat a summer afternoon on two wheels!

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a rich and fulfilling lifetime hobby on two wheels. Most enriching is the great people I have had the chance to meet along the way. I look forward to meeting you soon, and to serving you on the National Executive.

paris national rally chair 

april temple spears, kitchener

When I was fourteen I read an article in Teen Magazine – everything you needed to know about getting into a sports car gracefully while wearing a miniskirt”.  I practiced this “skill” until I was confident that when I met my boyfriend I would have no issues with the skirt /sports car.  Unfortunately, there were two things I never considered:

•  My mother was not going to let me wear a miniskirt, and
•  My future husband rode up on a Yamaha 650 Maxim.

Here we are years later and since then I've traded the miniskirt for chaps.  Still no sports car but I do own a 1985 Yamaha Virago and sometimes it’s not that graceful.

I have been a committee member for many years and have been fortunate enough to work with many great people.  As the Paris Rally Chairperson, I look forward to another wonderful year and am especially looking forward to meeting friends - both old and new!

competition chair 

neville miller, ottawa

From the age of 11, after my first ride on the pillion of my brother’s ex-army G3L Matchless, I’ve been hooked on motorcycles.  I began riding legally as soon as I turned 16 on a BSA Bantam.  After I passed my driving test, I bought a Velocette MAC, on which I rode about 100,000 miles in various guises during the 1970s in England.

My competition career started with a season of sidecar racing in 1975 on an uncompetitive Triumph outfit.  I was the one ‘in the chair’.  In 1978 I took up vintage racing with the VMCC and had a lot of fun over the next five years at the various circuits around England on a 1938 Velocette MSS.  

Soon after arriving in Canada in October 1982, I discovered the fledgling CVMG and started attending the monthly meetings of the Ottawa section.  I am also an active member of the sister organization, the VRRA (Vintage Road Racing Association).  I’ve even had a go at trials riding at some of the Eastern Ontario events.  In recent years I have bought three ‘cammy’ Velos, the earliest of which I have rebuilt as a replica of the bike Alec Bennett rode to win the 1928 Junior TT in the Isle of Man.

website administrator 


I joined the CVMG OFY Section back around 1985. Living in Mississauga, joining the OFY Section was the natural choice.

We forged great friendships there, our Sunday breakfasts would count close to or over 20 members in a regular basis, and we had great rides afterwards. Spring weekend rides to the Haliburton area, freezing February pub crawls in the Lucas Push events, all beautiful memories we will never forget.

In 2001 I volunteered for president of OFY, subsequently accepting a nomination for National president in 2002 and 2003.

This time around I am facing an even greater challenge as Website Administrator.

chief judge

Brock Hansler, Great Pine Ridge

Brock Hansler has accepted to fill this position, 

Thanks Brock!

Are you an experienced concours judge able to lend your expertise at various events?
If so, please get in touch!

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