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national executive committee

national executive committee meetings

The National Executive (NEC) meets every second month by teleconference.  Members are encouraged to attend.  Click the button below to see information on the next meeting.

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voting members

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 President  Chris Ness
 Vice President
 John Tankard
 Correspondence Secretary
 Bill Hoar
 Membership Secretary
 Dale Prisley
 Treasurer Deborah Hickey
 Newsletter Editor
 Shona LaFortune
 Director Craig Cooksley
 Director Ian Sandy
 Regalia Sales
 Bob Erickson

non-voting members

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 Past President
 National Rally Chair  April Spears  
 Competition Chair  Neville Miller  
 Chief Judge
 Website Administrator

at the most recent Members' Meeting, the following Executive changes were made:

- Janet Ness was elected Membership Secretary, replacing Dale Prisley

- Brock Hansler was acclaimed as Director, replacing Ian Sandy

chris ness, barrie-huronia

Growing up on a large dairy farm, there wasn’t much time for anything else but milking cows, driving tractors and shovelling manure. That all changed following the summer of ’69 when Chris went away to University and promptly found a used 100cc Yamaha Twin-Jet. Freedom was at hand.

Since then a variety of two-wheelers have come and gone (some have stayed…) and at this point he cannot imagine life without motorcycles. Yes, riding is a big part of the passion, but he’s sure you’ll agree, it runs much deeper than that.

The first “restoration project” found him in 1980. A few years later he discovered the CVMG and the membership privileges it offers. What a fabulous fraternity of which to be a part. As a volunteer he has learned that the more you put in, the more you get out. That in itself is a wonderful thing.

The road ahead will offer peaks and valleys, twists and turns, smooth and bumpy surfaces. He looks forward to continued work with those members already in his life and those yet to be discovered along that road.

vice president 
john tankard

John has been a CVMG member since 1995.  During this time John has previously assumed roles as Regalia Sales Coordinator and in most recent years as a member of the Paris Rally Committee. John and his wife, Lilian, live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where their two children, their spouses and 3 grandchildren also live.  John’s love for riding motorcycles came to an abrupt end in 2012 when his vision was compromised but that same love is the drive keeping him involved with CVMG.

correspondence secretary

bill hoar, central alberta

I seem to have circled back into the CVMG National Executive team, although still being the current past President, maybe I never really left.  I was born, raised and I am still working and farming right here in Central Alberta.  My love of motorcycles hit me at an early age and has never left.  I seem to still own almost all the motorcycles I have ever acquired over the years and love them all equally.
I’m here to serve members.  My belief is one of supporting grass roots functions and activities within Sections throughout Canada.  National must exist for its members and for member reasons and without their interest and enthusiasm for old or important motorcycles the cause is lost.  You have a voice in this group, I urge you to get involved in any small way possible.
Most memorable motorcycle viewed:  Lawrence of Arabia’s 1929 SS-100 Brough Superior in England; amazing story about the man and the machine.
Most memorable motorcycle visit:  Honda Collection Hall in Motegi, Japan; again more about the vision of one man.
Most memorable ride:  Cross Canada ride in 2007 with Mr. Skinny Labine; doesn’t get any better than this. Just do it!
Next memorable ride:  Stay tuned!

membership secretary

Janet Ness, Barrie-Huronia

Bio coming soon!


deborah hickey, nipissing

My first experience riding was on the back of a 1967 BSA Lightning when I was fifteen.  I was content and enjoyed riding on the back with Michael in control.  We took a break from riding while our children were small but once our youngest was about eight Michael got the urge to get another bike.  Problem was I didn’t want to sit on the back any more so for my 45th birthday/Mother’s Day I attended a woman’s only motorcycle course through Canadore College in North Bay.  My first solo bike was a Suzuki Intruder (can’t remember the year) which was okay because at least my feet could touch the ground.  Being vertically challenged proved to be a problem finding a bike that “felt right”.  Finally we found my baby in Mississauga, a 1983 Suzuki GS750ES and we fit perfectly together.

Unfortunately, now due to issues with my vision, I am now relegated to the back of the bike I am still very much involved with my home group, Nipissing Section, as Secretary/Treasurer and now as Treasurer with the NEC.  It is great coming together in one place with so many, we all come from different places and have different bikes, but we all have a common interest in preserving the beauty of older bikes and their history.

newsletter editor

shona lafortune

Unlike many people in this organization, I was not carried around in a sidecar as a baby, or riding when I was two.   I barely learned to ride a bicycle in my teens . . . Then a friend’s influence combined with some sort of mid-life crisis had me taking riding lessons at age 50-something. My first motorcycle (and I still have her) was a 1979 185cc Honda Twinstar, the little bike that I rode to Mexico … I bought a 50 cc scooter and commuted 40 km/day for two years, missing only a few days when the snow was too heavy (ice was no problem!), and took some BCIT courses to learn more about maintaining the several bikes I had suddenly acquired. Now that I live in Lillooet, I love that I can be on amazing roads within minutes of leaving the house.  I ride to the metro Vancouver area frequently, another lovely trip through the Fraser Canyon. I’ve been on motorcycle trips in Canada, the USA, UK and Europe, riding or pillion.  I have a few projects on the go and lots of unrelated hobbies and interests besides, including spinning, yarn crafts, photography, CGI and gardening. Never a dull moment.


craig 'bentley' cooksley, central alberta

I was a late starter being 23 when I got my first motorcycle [parents thought they were death machines] '46 Knuckle.  Like me it changed through the years.  Me being a long hair hippy biker;  it being a chopper with 18in. over springer  & molded in peanut tank.  As I went though a few years of married life it lived in storage.  Then, as I re-entered  the single life and more of a weekend independent rider, the Knuckle became a bobber with bobbed rear fender & stock chrome springer with 21in. front wheel   In 1986 I started Bentley's in Red Deer - a paint & body shop.  The Knuckle changed to a stock looking '46 with candy purple paint & stock bags.  In the 1990's Bentley's downsized and moved to the farm doing mainly restorations & street rods and bikes.  In '92 we did the Alaska Highway proving too much for the Knuckle.  It then got merched.  And, like the bike, in 1999 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and Bentley'schanged to "only motorcycles".  Last year they cured the Hep C.  The Knuckle is now in the living room  de-merched to were I can start it.  Along the way I've added about 100 motosicles to my barn & I'm hoping to expand the museum this winter. 


brock hansler, london

Bio coming soon!

regalia sales 

bob erickson, south saskatchewan

Photo and bio coming soon!

paris national rally chair 

april spears, kitchener

When I was fourteen I read an article in Teen Magazine – everything you needed to know about getting into a sports car gracefully while wearing a miniskirt”.  I practiced this “skill” until I was confident that when I met my boyfriend I would have no issues with the skirt /sports car.  Unfortunately, there were two things I never considered:

•  My mother was not going to let me wear a miniskirt, and
•  My future husband rode up on a Yamaha 650 Maxim.

Here we are years later and since then I've traded the miniskirt for chaps.  Still no sports car but I do own a 1985 Yamaha Virago and sometimes it’s not that graceful.

I have been a committee member for many years and have been fortunate enough to work with many great people.  As the Paris Rally Chairperson, I look forward to another wonderful year and am especially looking forward to meeting friends - both old and new!

competition chair 

neville miller, ottawa

From the age of 11, after my first ride on the pillion of my brother’s ex-army G3L Matchless, I’ve been hooked on motorcycles.  I began riding legally as soon as I turned 16 on a BSA Bantam.  After I passed my driving test, I bought a Velocette MAC, on which I rode about 100,000 miles in various guises during the 1970s in England.

My competition career started with a season of sidecar racing in 1975 on an uncompetitive Triumph outfit.  I was the one ‘in the chair’.  In 1978 I took up vintage racing with the VMCC and had a lot of fun over the next five years at the various circuits around England on a 1938 Velocette MSS.  

Soon after arriving in Canada in October 1982, I discovered the fledgling CVMG and started attending the monthly meetings of the Ottawa section.  I am also an active member of the sister organization, the VRRA (Vintage Road Racing Association).  I’ve even had a go at trials riding at some of the Eastern Ontario events.  In recent years I have bought three ‘cammy’ Velos, the earliest of which I have rebuilt as a replica of the bike Alec Bennett rode to win the 1928 Junior TT in the Isle of Man.

website administrator 

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chief judge

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